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Proudly sponsored by The Hop Knot.

Proudly sponsored by The Hop Knot.

Matt Connarton Unleashed is a weekday afternoon drive talk show. With a host who is independent and uninterested in carrying the water for any political party,

Unleashed brings an outsider's perspective that is woefully underserved in political talk radio. Add in the motley crew of FOM (Friends of Matt) who cycle in and out of the broadcasts, song parodies, irreverent humor, unscreened callers, some brave guests, and forays into discussions even more dangerous than those of politics, and you've got Matt Connarton Unleashed!

Where to listen live on radio
WMNH 95.3 FM in Manchester, NH
Where to hear replays
AOW Radio Network


Where to watch live on cable
Comcast 97
in Manchester, NH